Tesfagiorgis Habte (1972–2021)

av: Mikael Heinonen den: 10 januari, 2021

  • Tesfagiorgis Habte (1972–2021)
    Foto: Anders Alm
  • Tesfagiorgis Habte was an Eritrean journalist and author. A graduate of journalism and mass-communication from the University of Asmara, he worked as a public relations officer at the ministry of education. In addition to his regular duties at the ministry, he had been freelancing for magazines and radio stations. Amid the crackdown and raid of the educational radio, he was rounded up from his office by the military on the 19th of February 2009. He was released on March 19, 2013 after four years without charges and eventually left the country in June 2014. During 2017–2019 he was an ICORN guest writer in Luleå, Sweden.
    Tesfagiorgis Habte sadly passed away in Covid 19, June 2021.